3 Low Cost Offline Marketing Ideas for Small Business Startups

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are into, you obviously need online marketing of your business, especially in the post covid times, when even micro-businesses are embracing digital transformation. Knowing effective and result-oriented offline marketing ideas, however, is a big plus.

Offline marketing can actually play a vital role in the growth of your online business. So, if you have just started a new venture of any kind, i.e. home-based baking business, photography, a mobile app that helps a certain community or audience, or an online store, do consider effective offline marketing ideas to boost the performance of your online marketing campaigns.

You may have tens of Facebook giveaway ideas and online marketing considerations, but “how can you effectively promote your business offline” is a million-dollar question.

Here in this article, I will discuss the 3 super easy yet highly effective ways by which you can promote your small business offline and can add more customers to your database.

3 Low Cost Offline Marketing Ideas Every Startup Must Explore

Let’s explore these three low-cost offline marketing ideas for promoting small-scale online as well as offline startup businesses.

1- Coupons, Brochures, & Handouts

Everyone loves coupons; while you might already be giving away a lot of discounts through online campaigns, there’s no harm in getting some brochures and handouts with exciting offers and distributing them among the target audiences.

You can make brochures or handouts for your business on a small budget and the return on these marketing campaigns is very high if you distribute them to the right people at the right time.

2- Word of Mouth

It can be the most important factor that influences patrons to use product or services. Though the word of mouth is more of a customer’s part than the business, business initiates it by offering something great. You can generate word of mouth by doing something extraordinary like giving away services at half price than your competitors, or offering extra services with your regular services, providing the best customer services, and post-sales support.

Word of mouth is probably the best way to build a highly profitable brand, however, it requires a parallel investment of time and effort on retaining it. The only way to retain the mouth of the word is to keep providing extraordinary services and products along with the best customer service.

When you provide something beyond your customer’s expectation they will act as a source of marketing for you by their words of mouth.

3- Promotional Products & Value Addition

Low cost promotional products will work well for business 2 business and business 2 customer businesses and in fact, many times you do not need to invest an extra amount on creating promotional products. For instance, with innovative and reusable packaging you can add value to your brand without spending an extra amount of marketing budget.

Customers always get happy to have something free; sometimes customers only buy your product to get the free item with it (like you can take example of any food chain happy meal deal). In case of business 2 business dealing you can print some calendars, wall-clocks, t-shirts, universal chargers for phones and tablets, etc. with your company logo to create a long remembrance of your brand.

Summing up the Offline Marketing Ideas for Small Business Startups

There can be tens of offline marketing ideas to increase sales and boost the performance of your online marketing campaigns, i.e. direct mail, trade shows, strategic partnerships, and a lot more, however, the above three are the lowest cost offline marketing ideas that any startup with a minimal marketing budget can consider.