Linkedin Profile Optimization Guide for Getting More Business

LinkedIn is one of the oldest and most active professional networking sites. If you have the right strategy in place, it can serve as a great source for getting new clients and generating more business, and LinkedIn profile optimization is the first step.

Did You Know?

  • Linkedin has 722 million active users and 40% of them are active on daily basis.
  • Linkedin is available in 200 countries in 24 different languages.
  • It is most trusted professional network in the US.
  • 94% recruiters use Linkedin to vet candidates.
  • 40 million users use LinkedIn for job search every week, and this includes both, highest paying jobs without a degree and jobs with professional degrees.
  • Linkedin provides 100% mature business leads.

Well, these are just a few stats, and there are more to impress you. There’s no denying that Linkedin helps you get a better job and more business, but it happens only through a well-thought strategy and an action plan that start with LinkedIn profile optimization.

linkedin profile optimization

This article will guide you through quick tips and ideas for better LinkedIn profile optimization, so you can land better jobs and clients.

Why LinkedIn Profile Optimization is a Must

There’s no exception for job hunters, but being an entrepreneur, Linkedin presence is a  must too! Whether you want to brand yourself as an industry expert, an entrepreneur, or want to showcase your business to a broader audience, Linkedin profile optimization should be a priority.

Let people find you easily with an optimized Linkedin profile; If you do not appear at the top pages when people are searching for the product or service you offer, you will definitely not get any business from Linkedin.

How to Optimize LinkedIn Profile to Generate Leads & Get Business

LinkedIn’s assisted profile setup itself is a good tool to build an optimized profile, however, not everyone knows how to make the most out of it. Here’s a quick guide on LinkedIn profile optimization that won’t take much time, and following these steps you will get an optimized Linkedin profile in no time.

1- Use the Right Keywords in Headline

Know and use the keywords that best describe you, i.e. ‘Brand Strategist’, ‘Content Marketer’, ‘Motivational Speaker’, ‘Blockchain Entrepreneur’, ‘Angel Investor’, etc. are some of the examples.

Having your core expertise/services/products highlighted in the profile headline increases the chances of appearing in searches for these terms, and so getting found by people who are looking to get benefited from your talent.

2- Amplify Your Company’s Presence

Create a LinkedIn company page for your business, product, or service and connect it with your LinkedIn profile from the experience section. It will highlight your business right on your profile. Do not forget to write a few lines about your role and contribution to the growth/development of the company.

3- Summarize Your Expertise

Not all visitors to your profile may have time to read the details of your role in various positions, so summarize them all in the summary section. Better LinkedIn profile optimization requires the use of the best keywords, and you cannot use all the keywords in the headline section; use them here.

4- Each Experience Must Have a Quick Job Description

All your previous professional experiences must be listed with a quick job description, i.e. your role and responsibilities in that particular position.

5- Do Not Forget to Add Skills

Recruiters, as well as vendors looking for services, are more interested in skills than your qualifications. Make sure you have listed all your skills in there.

6- Obtain Recommendations

Endorsements and recommendations are two different things and honestly, recommendations are more valuable than endorsements and play a vital role in LinkedIn profile optimization. Do not hesitate to ask your current and past co-workers, supervisors, and employers to write a brief recommendation for you.

7- Replace Your Random Profile Picture with a Professional One

Yes, you may love that picture of yours on a beach, but it’s better to post it on Facebook or Instagram. LinkedIn profile optimization requires a professional picture. If you do not have a profile picture on LinkedIn, you must know that a profile with a photo could result in 14 times more profile views.

8- Showcase Your Volunteer Experience & Causes You Care About

People prefer to work with professionals who are active in giving back to the community, either through volunteering or supporting causes. Moreover, volunteer experience is considered equal to formal work experience, so if you are a beginner with no experience, this can be a big plus for you.

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn profile optimization is easy, and you can optimize your LinkedIn profile for generating business in no time. All you need to do is to be relevant and professional. I am sure, with the above tips you can create a great LinkedIn profile.